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Our Vision is not the existing notion or something of the past instead an Initiative, a Future of the Business Ecosystem

Enlist as an investor and surf through our listings of curated startups and businesses from all across the globe in multiple domains and industries to invest into or buy.

We believe that it is crucial to get investment we all need at some point of the business, it is essential to the turning point of journey.

We want to help businesses and startups get the investment they need but we know we can't do it without you.

You should know that we want to help you to expand your opportunities and would continue to do so by helping you reach out and connect to the market.

Now investors such as yourself can post as investors to get connected to the ecosystem in which you will transform your horizons and find yourself helping the businesses and startups in an effective way.

Our aim at Consortin is to help you in your journey by providing you the means and options to expand and grow your network.

We would also like to have your valuable feedback and inputs in our journey as well to make Consortin move one step in the right direction.

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