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Post your Business for Sale or Loan or Investment to get deals from Interested buyers and investors in no time.

We believe that time is essential and an important factor in a selling or getting a loan or investment for a business.

Consortin helps you to save time by helping you connect to companies, individuals, buyers and investors who are serious and interested to buy your entity or merge with it.

Consortin helps to bring out all the options and interests hence making the deal more informed and decisive.

Consortin also has companies, individuals, buyers and investors interested for buyout or any of the above, hence decreasing revenue leakages and TAT.

Now all that is left is to Post your Business details on Consortin by signing up to our effortless registration process.

Be a part of the ecosystem and connect to serious and interested companies, individuals, buyers and investors.

Our aim at Consortin is to help you in your journey by providing you the means and options to help you close the deal and save time.

We would also like to have your valuable feedback and inputs in our journey as well to make Consortin move one step in the right direction.

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